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The only model of the new 2017 range with two options of color,rail and linning.
Medium padded. The most polyvalent saddle of the catalog.

Totally valid for any cycling discipline.

Why a no-nose saddle?

Those who ride a bicycle for pleasure,sport or as a part of their job, may be at risk for genital numbness or more serious sexual and/or reproductive health problems from pressure in the groin (perineum) from the traditional bicycle saddle.

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of no-nose bicycle saddles in reducing pressure in the groin and improving the sexual health of male cyclists. While most are men, recent evidence suggests that no-nose bicycle saddles may also benefit women.


  • Linning: White neoprene (chrome) or white microfiber (steel).
  • Rail: Chrome or carbon steel
  • Color detail: Grey+bas-relief
  • Weight: 195 gr (chrome) or 240 gr (steeel)
  • Width: 132 mm.
  • Length: 180 mm.