+34 966 967 620 info@duopower.es


to process a guarantee, you must:

  1. Inform through email to info@duopower.es
  2. Send us 5 pictures:
  •  Product profile by both sides
  •  Sole
  •  Rear
  •  Bottom

3.  Attach invoice or purchase ticket
4.  Once all the information and images provided have been studied, and having validated the guarantee, Duopower will send an email with an entry number.

5. Send the saddle to Duopower at postage due by Nacex or Seur, or postage paid with the carrier of your choice to the following address:

Calle Paraguay, nº 3 bis – Nave 2
03630 Sax (Alicante,Spain)

Tlf: +34 966 967 620


You will get a response within 24/48 hours, and if you have to replace the saddle, it will be sent within a maximum period of 24/48 hours from receipt.